Social and Social Skills Groups

 Group of children

Stokan Jaggers & Associates Social and Social Skills Groups are designed as peer opportunities to strengthen the social interaction and communication skills of children, teens and young adults, who are experiencing social difficulties or need a safe space to socialize with their  peers.  SJ&A knows from experience that participants learn through their positive experiences in Group, and we provide a safe environment to encourage which promotes active participation and practice social, complete with helpful communication and feedback for interested parents.

Social Skills groups allow individuals to learn better conversational skills, learn the nuances of verbal and nonverbal communication, develop appropriate assertiveness and cooperative play skills, differentiate between being a leader versus a follower, learn appropriate peer “etiquette” for a variety of social situations, as well as learn how to develop and build friendships. Additional advantages of Group Therapy are real time peer feedback, and the potential for the development of healthy peer relations both in and out of Group.



Group facilitator, Dr. Tom Merriman, holds a Doctor of Education degree and has credentials in Professional School Counseling and several additional fields. He has been a member of the SJ&A team  since 2014 and has either counseled or taught at every level from Pre-K through Post Graduate.  Dr. Merriman specializes in social skills and seeks practical measurable behavioral change leading to social effectiveness.


Registration: Semester Tuition is required to secure a spot in the desired group. We encourage families to register as soon as possible.


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