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Hello All! It is time for Summer Social Skills to begin! Stokan Jaggers & Associates will be continuing to provide social skills groups this Summer due to popular demand. These are set to begin June 19, 2021.  Dr. Merriman has found that Saturday sessions have been greatly beneficial and convenient. Sessions will end on Saturday, August 14, 2021. This includes 6 sessions as well as a 7th bonus session. Please refer to our website,, for session dates and information regarding each date.

Stokan Jaggers & Associates’ Social Groups are peer groups designed to strengthen the social interaction and communication skills of children, teens and adults who are experiencing social difficulties. Participants will learn through positive experiences, as we provide a safe environment to encourage active participation, practice social skills, and promote success and independence.

Social skills groups allow individuals to learn better conversational skills, learn the nuances of verbal and nonverbal communication, develop appropriate assertiveness and cooperative play skills, differentiate between being a leader versus a follower, learn appropriate conventions for a variety of social situations, as well as learn how to develop and build friendships. Two advantages of Group Therapy are real time peer feedback, and the potential development of healthy peer relations both in and out of Group. Parents are encouraged to extend social development by facilitating outside activities.

Social Groups:


Early Elementary ( In Person)- Friday 10 am

Late Elementary (In Person)- Friday 11 am

Boys – Junior High – 10 am

Boys – High School – 9 am

Young Adult Men – 11 am

Dr. Tom Merriman is a Doctor of Education and has credentials in Professional School Counseling and several additional fields. His specialization is the development of Social Skills in boys and young men with an identified struggle often (but not necessarily) due to ADHD or autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Merriman has either counseled or taught at every level from Pre-K through Postgraduate. Dr. Merriman is available for individual and/or group appointments.

FEE: Semester Tuition is $500.00 which includes 7 sessions and a $50 registration/materials fee. One bonus session is free to accommodate for vacations and family time. This is a semester tuition, thus there will be no refunds for missed sessions. Should the instructor need to cancel a class, a makeup class will be added at the end of the schedule.

CONTACT: If you would like further information on our Summer groups, please contact our Clinical Assistant, Lindsey Beccera at 281-394-2005, or via email at: or Dr. Tom Merriman @ or via cell 713-935-6693.